Sunday, August 23

Gonna Have a Good Time...

Ol' Xan is one day older and wiser too... yup Ol' Xan dinged 31 today. Who shares this special day with me? Well...

1978 Kobe Bryant, NBA guard, Los Angeles Lakers
1970 River Phoenix, actor, Little Nikta, Stand By Me
1970 Jay Mohr, American Actor
1969 Amanda Hope, playmate, Jul, 1992
1949 Rick Springfield, General Hospital, Jessie's Girl
1949 Shelley Long, actress, Diane-Cheers, Money Pit
1912 Gene Kelly, dancer/actor, An American in Paris, Going My Way

Events in history that took place on this best day of the year:

1989 Los Angeles Dodgers beat Montreal Expos, 1-0, in 22 innings
1977 1st man-powered flight of a mile (Bryan Allen in Gossamer Condor)
1974 John Lennon reports seeing a UFO in New York City
1968 Ringo quits Beatles over a disagreement, temporarily
1968 Yankees and Tigers play 3-3 tie in 19 due to 1 AM curfew
1963 Beatles release "She Loves You" in UK

What happened in WoW to Xan?

Recent Achievements:

What the Eck? - Defeat Gal'darah in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty while under the effects of Eck Residue.
Sunken Temple - Defeat Shade of Eranikus. (Yes, I have a couple more for "Classic Dungeonmaster" Achievement)
Stocking Up - Create 500 Heavy Frostweave Bandages.
250 Stone Keeper's Shards - Loot 250 Stone Keeper's Shards.
Heroic: Gundrak - Defeat the Gundrak bosses on Heroic Difficulty.

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