Tuesday, August 4

MoMoment #10 - Why the hate for Stranglethorn Vale?

Hello good people out here,

Hope you are all well. In listening to podcasts and reading on Twitter and some blogs I have read since the beginning of WoW have read so much hate for the zone: Stranglethorn Vale


It is a beautiful zone so I do not understand. Now you do need to know that most of the people I have noticed that hate Stranglethorn Vale or also known as STV are on PVP servers.

For those of you on a PVP server i think you know the reasons why and for those of you not in PVP servers, well it is a gank fest of gank fests!

At times it can be worse than The Hills (Hillsbrad Foothills) or the Barrens. Main reason, I think, is good ol' Booty Bay (BB), or you may call it Pirate Bay or Goblin Bay, or Gank Bay.

No matter what level you may be in BB you are a target. You are a target not only by high level characters from the other faction but if you attack back or attack you will be attacked by the nonplayer characters (NPC) and they hit hard!!!

There are many spots that are perfect for ranged classes to stand there and kill on site, especially low level characters with one shot. Many people also do this on purpose to level up or down (depending on how you look at it) their rep for Boot Bay (Bloodsail Buccaneers) and yes this is even crazy at level 80 but some people like to get this for the pirate hat you get so it is worth it or even crazier is the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement.

Well, I still do not know why people would hate this zone. I think it is one of the beautiful zones in game. I would not want to live there if I had to pick a WoW zone to live in but I would vacation there. For the Horse you have GG or Grom'Gaul and the Alliance have some camp on the northern part of the zone which I think is useless but still a flight path point there. You have our good old buddy Hemet Nesingwary Jr. and the NAGA!!! (They took someones bike I hear)

In STV you can also find the daily arena event where horde and alliance fight for the chest of goodies.

ZG, Zul'Grub level 60 raid instance, a very interesting place where you can go through with a few 80s or maybe one if you are geared.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, the fishing event happens in STV.

So come on people!!! Tell me why you really hate STV because I cannot find any good reasons.

Leave a comment and tell me I am wrong as you know I am right!

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  1. I think it's primarily the players on PvP realms that dislike STV. It's really one of the first places in the game where players are thrown into the same place competing for the same quest objects.