Friday, June 11

A Strange Feeling… (Original Fiction by Xan)

Jenny stuttered in her stride as a small shock coursed through her body when she passed by Zander. The hum through her body buzzed all the way up to her head in a bittersweet rush of elation and sadness. She shook off the feeling with a confused look towards Zander and continued walking down the hallway. Zander and Solcloud followed closely behind her as they spotted Beasley down the dimly lit hallway. Beasley was waiting just outside the trophy room, leaning on the wall and carving a leg of the broken chair with his dagger.
“It’s about time you showed up.” Beasley said as he sliced a large chunk out of the piece of wood. “I was starting to get curious.” He looked up at his towering friend. “And you know what happens when I get curious.” He cut another chunk of wood from the leg effectively making the piece too thin to work with. He tossed it over his shoulder and proceeded to the only door left closed.
“Well, I figured you’d come running back if you got into too much trouble friend.” Zander chuckled as he patted the halfling on the head. “I had a talk with Solcloud.” Zander spoke in halfling. “I hope he realizes that he is losing great allies for his cause.”
Beasley just spit on the ground as he checked the solitary doorway for traps. “We’re clear to continue.” He turned to the giant and motioned him to open the door as he slid to the side; his tiny sword ready to strike.
Zander, with a small grunt, pushed the heavy wooden door to reveal a smoky corridor with dim torches about every fifty feet or so. The small flames seemed to go on forever.
“Well, looks like it is a long walk.” Solcloud pushed through the group gathered by the doorway and within a few moments was easily passing two torches between himself and the group.
“Let’s get going.” He yelled back to the three of them.
“What about Mayvn?” Beasley looked to Zander.
“Well,” Zander shrugged as he drew his hammer. “We know he isn’t behind us in those cells. Let’s go.”
The giant moved cautiously into the long hallway. Jenny drew her new blade and a faint hum could be heard as the steel brushed upon her makeshift scabbard. She moved up in front of Zander and winked as she passed by him, the same bittersweet feeling rushed through her body again.
“I think you aught to cover the rear Zander.” She winked at him and glanced down her body. Zander’s ears burned as he realized he had followed her eyes and found himself looking at her backside.
“Y-yes, of course m’lady.” Zander tried very hard not to let on his sidetracked thoughts. He tried to refocus thinking about the battle with the dragon or with the troll; anything to keep his mind focused on battle. Everything he tried just came back to gazing at the cat-like movements of the atypical barmaid stalking the corridoor in front of him.
“Get a room already you two.” Beasley stormed past them as he jumped from shadow to shadow.
Zander continued to walk a few steps behind Jenny. His mind wandered back to Jenny in that robe, then to thoughts of her milky bare shoulders with that dark elf chainmail resting on them.
“Doesn’t it hurt Jenny? Zander said curiously. Jenny slowed her walk as she contemplated exactly what Zander was asking. Did he know about the feelings she got when she was around him? Did she do something to tip him off? She had been a barmaid for some time and could hide her true feelings under a mask of flirtation, but never was she able to flirt and have it feel real.
“Does what hurt?” She asked elusively, trying to cover up any hint of guilt in her voice.
“That chainmail you are wearing.” Zander pointed with the head of his hammer.
The hum pressed further inside Jenny, her knees nearly buckled. She feigned a smile. “Not really, feels lighter and smoother than silk.” She reached up and touched her shoulder. “Everything from the elves is more beautiful and delicate than it appears.” A coy smile curled her lips as she slowly slid her hand down the chainmail to her breast. Instinctively, Zander’s eyes followed her hand until he realized where he was looking.
“M’lady!” Zander tried to rebound from his apparent embarrassment of the situation. “It is true what they say, elves are more than they appear. “Let us press on.”
Jenny giggled playfully. “Yes, let’s.”

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