Friday, February 25

Tale of the Purple Trance (Avaree of Crushridge US)

Life was pretty plain for me growing up. My father was part of the Gilneas Musketeers serving King Greymane since he was a boy. He started off in the stables and he quickly became like a page boy to the Musketeers. They taught him how to wield a sword as well as fire a gun. Father went to war with them and kept the camp in working order and often hunted game for fresh meat for the Musketeers during the Second War.

Shortly after the Second War, my father returned home and married my mother; A beautiful maid-servant who was assigned to the Silverlaine family. She was allowed to leave with him and begin a life in the country. I was born into a happy life in the country with hunting hounds as friends and my father teaching me to hunt to provide for the family in case of another war when he would be called away to serve his king. Then came the Great Wall.

The Musketeers were disbanded shortly after my father was given his own tabard and standing within their ranks. This devastated my father because he wasn’t able to serve side by side with his friends during battle. He shared his feelings of apathy with Darius Crowley, a friend of the King and one who shared the disgust for the king’s actions in building the wall.

By this time I was well into my teens and knew of my father’s complaints of apathy and secret meetings with Crowley. One night my father left to meet with Crowley and his other supporters and was captured by the night watch. They were sent to prison on counts of treason. Within a year or so strange beasts plagued the countryside and killed my mother. After discovering my mother on the road from the market and our home mutilated, I retreated to my home for weeks. I barely ate nor slept. The only reminder I had of sleeping and eating were my hunting hounds.

One morning I awoke with the hot breath of Bayard, my favorite hunting hound, blowing my tangled hair away from my face. In his mouth he had a beautiful talisman made of purple metal and a purple gem. The images on the talisman were of a wolf and a hammer. Somehow this talisman brought back a strength and comfort I had longed for since my father was imprisoned. Gazing into the gem I could feel a heartbeat and a power like the stone was alive. That evening while I looked at the talisman in the firelight as it dangled around my neck I could almost hear a voice.

…I shall not make another like you…
…I will not be complete until I find you…

It was as if the talisman were the vessel in which someone’s thoughts had been put away for safe keeping. But what were these last two words? Were they names of people, places? How am I to find out more? How can I learn more about this talisman if I remain behind this wall? Would the beasts attack me as they did my mother? If I try to leave Gilneas will I be imprisoned like my father? So many questions swam through my mind, I didn’t notice the shadows outside the farmhouse windows growing larger.

Shadows burst through the windows, shattered glass and wind blew into my home snuffing out candles and the hearth. My hounds immediately jumped to my protection, as I reached for my rifle sitting on my mantle I got a good look at the intruders. WORGEN! The entire house was being overrun; I could hear them upstairs and on the thatch. I tried to shoot them as they made their way in, but they were too many. My hounds were keeping the beasts at bay while one of my hounds, Bayard, was ushering me towards the open door.

I took only a pack and my rifle and ran. My only thoughts were to make it to Gilneas and try to find my father, when I arrived in Gilneas I could see that the Worgen were filling the streets and I found Prince Liam Greymane in the town square on his horse shouting orders to anyone that would listen. I went to his aide and there is where my story begins…

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