Friday, January 8

Continuing the practical joke… (Original Fiction by Xan)

The two early risers, after their ‘morning stretch’ they sauntered back to the rest of their group. Having only spent an hour or two exploring and doing a little extermination work, Zander looked like a little kitten after pouncing on its first mouse. Beasley looked like a horse that had been ridden all day without a rest. His head was down and he drug his feet back to the makeshift camp. The two other adventurers still slumbered while the skeletons still lay where Zander and Beasley had placed them. Beasley examined the scene and it was as though he had seen a dragon’s horde of jewels before his eyes, an idea popped into his mind.

“Let’s wake just the walking blacksmith shop.” Beasley had that same gleam in his eye he had earlier. “I think the peacock would have a heart attack if he was the only one that wasn’t a skeleton.”

“Beasley, you are quite the trickster.” Zander fought back a rolling laughter. “I’ll get the bones.”

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