Monday, January 11

Gear Upgrades

I have been working my tail off lately and really trying to make Xan the best toon he can be with the limited time I have to play. Recently I have been taking full advantage of the Random Lich King Heroic LFG (Looking for Group) option located on the action bar. Once a day for completing a random daily heroic you receive 2 Emblem of Frost which can be used to purchase all sorts of great gear.

Xan recently bought himself a new weightlifting belt... well at least that is what it looks like. It is called Malevolent Girdle. But seriously, does this belt make me look fat? I mean it is called a girdle.

In addition as you kill bosses in the random heroics and any subsequent heroics you complete you also receive Emblem of Triumph which can buy you a lot of great stuff as well. Xan has decked out his Retribution (DPS) set as much as he can using these guys. His last purchase was Helm of Thunderous Rampage. Pretty fashionable hmmm?

I talked to a friend of mine the other day and she recommended a great program to help me optimize my gear as well as look for potential upgrades. I suggest everyone give it a try. RAWR is a program that takes your toon right off of the WOW Armory and then gives you ways to optimize your current gear or look at all the potential upgrades. It is amazing.

Sadly now most of my gear upgrades will have to come from raids or upgrading my tanking gear. Now if only Blizzard would help to make the Raid LFG (Looking for Group) option a little bit better then we would be in business. As you can tell... Xan has barely seen inside the halls of any raid. (Except a couple)

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