Friday, July 9

The Eternal Flame (Original Fiction by Xan)

They moved on up the tunnel to a thick oak doorway. Beasley had commented on the skill and mastery of the handle and lock on the door. Jenny retorted with the design of the ornate hinges designed to look like flames licking across the wood. Zander noticed how sturdy and well built the door was as Solcloud listened to the chanting coming from the other end of the door.
“Who cares about the workmanship of the door?” Solcloud whispered exasperated. “There are some evil rites happening on the other side and we need to stop them.”
“Mmmm, yr rite.” Beasley mumbled. Solcloud looked down at the halfling who was already trying to unlock the complicated lock with his nimble hands as he pulled various pins and wires from his pursed lips.

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