Friday, August 6


Hello my blog readers! I am saddened by the announcement that my stories have come to a halt. I have had a lot of fun writing them but now it is up to my blog readers to show their support and stop lurking and please give me some feedback!

Jenny Blackbirch the pirate has just been taken to the Windriders Guild in Sharn... is she going to be honored, tortured, imprisoned? What is her fate... it is in YOUR hands!

Zan, Beasley, Solcloud & Jenny stand at an ornate door, what lies on the other side? What does their future hold? that too is in YOUR (my readers) hands.

Please leave feedback here as well as email me at TheExperiencedNoob AT Gmail DOT com.


  1. well, i think the group need to destroy the fire elemental and than go have a big party than move out on another adventure, and the halfling needs a girl friend

    I think jenny needs to be pt in jail and have her grew break her out and then they need to go some lost treasure

  2. Oh its feedback you want, eh?! Well then feedback you shall receive. Although its going to take me a while to read through all your stuff ;) Just heard about the blog through "All Things Azeroth" (nice plug btw) and I figured I would check it out. I recently just started my own blog so I've been lurking a bit more around blogspot.

    Hope to see more stories in the near future!