Tuesday, January 25

Tale of the Purple Trance (Xandarr of Crushridge US)

Before I begin my story after The Shattering, I guess I had better start from the time before the crashing of the Exodar. Before we were at war… This is my story…

Before the war I was a passivist, I don’t believe in confrontation or even war. If confrontation can be avoided through negotiation and setting terms through democracy then that is the way to preserve the peace. Although not a lawyer or even a moderator I had the ability to negotiate harder issues before they became violent. I preferred staying out of conflict and just work in my small jewelry shop outside the small township of Roilin on Argus. I had been commissioned to do jewelry for royalty and for weddings alike. Life was peaceful.

I believed in the power of The Light and attended services as often as my business would allow. My life changed, however, the night I received a blessing in the form of a vision while I slept one night.

The dream took place in a forge and jewelry shoppe similar to my own. I was working in the forge but the tools were different than my normal worn tools. I especially noticed the hammer which was of exceedingly radiant workmanship and lighter than a normal hammer used at my forge. I made beautiful jewelry in this forge and I became fascinated with the quality of this hammer. Its temper and strength was like no other I had ever used before. In fact, I pushed this hammer to its limits, even placing it near the fire and it did not heat up or crack like my previous tools had over time.

One beautiful morning an animal appeared in my forge that I had never seen before. An animal with four legs, beautiful silver fur and it always remained quiet except when I stuck my hammer to the anvil. This animal would let out a noise similar to a gun shot. But this sound was not in fear or in anger because I was using the hammer but more in awe at the hammer. This animal I later discovered was a wolf similar to the wolves of Azeroth but I had never seen a creature like her before coming to Azeroth. This strange creature fascinated me with her intelligence and playfulness.

I worked in the forge for months, the creature never left the forge and always stayed close to my tools, especially the hammer. I caught the beast on many occasions trying to steal the hammer but she just couldn’t lift it. Once she did pull it off my anvil and it fell to the floor, the hammer struck the ground and rang out almost in a laugh, as if to say “You are not strong enough to work with me.” This moment intrigued me as I watched the interaction between the hammer and the animal. This went on for quite some time; you could see the admiration in the eyes of the creature at the quality, the temper, and strength of this hammer that had been through so much in the forge. It was as if the wolf wanted to be as strong and as resilient as the hammer.

One day in the forge I had placed the hammer in a precarious position on my anvil where it teetered on the verge of falling over. I was across the room and nowhere near where I could catch it if it should fall. The wolf watched the hammer as it teetered, threatening to fall directly into the forge which was past the point of flash burning anything other than the strongest Eternium. The hammer started to fall, the wolf leapt up to try and save the hammer and together they fell into the furnace; the two becoming one in almost an instant in an explosion of light. When the blinding light subsided I went to the forge to see a glowing object. I reached into the blazing inferno with my tongs and pulled out a talisman made of Eternium and Draenite honoring the hammer and the wolf and the sacrifice the wolf made to never leave the hammer.

This vision touched me so deeply I awoke in the early hours of the morning and began to forge a talisman to remind me of this vision. I made the talisman from Eternium a rare metal on Argus as well as a singular perfect Draenite gem in the middle. I called the talisman The Purple Trance.

It is said that every craftsman makes one item in their lifetime that is so perfect and so pure that they put all their heart and soul into. Such items cannot be reproduced, not even by the craftsman, not even if a mold of the item was made. Fate chooses that item to imbue with certain gifts. So too was the talisman I made, although it was not known to me at the time, I knew this item was special to me because its significance and my dream.

I wore the Purple Trance daily; I only took it off to wash. It became a part of me just as much as my hands or facial tendrils are. Those who knew me saw the talisman and came to know of its significance to me, although none knew of the vision that inspired it. Commissioners came to offer me money for it, Suitors tried to obtain it as gifts for their intended, but nothing could separate me from my Purple Trance until we fled Argus.

With the betrayal of Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde ushering in the Burning Legion I fled with many others aboard the Exodar. We were forced to crash land on Azeroth. When I awoke from the devastation I realized that my talisman was no longer around my neck. All that I had was my hammer, my faith, and this new planet that I will search until my dying breath to retrieve my Purple Trance. I took up the mantle of Paladin but vowed to be a protector and only fight when forced to defend myself or those I cared for.

Before the Shattering I searched for my talisman in vain; but through my trials I have learned to harness the Light and use it to purify evil from my new home on Azeroth. I still search all over Azeroth, returned to the “Outlands” and even assisted the Alliance in their plight against the Lich King to find it. I was beginning to give up hope, but I always knew that my heart would truly stop beating if anything happened to my Purple Trance. So I continued my journey with my friends I have made along the way; Kilzar, the gruff but kind dwarf hunter and Nkaala, the ‘mother bear’ that guides me and keeps me centered on peace.

Life changed dramatically for me about a year or so before the Elemental Invasion ushered in the Shattering. But this story will have to wait until another side is revealed by the other player in this saga…

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