Wednesday, December 16

Momoment #18

Hello all,

it has been some time since I have had a chance to make another blog post for many reason.

And that is why I am curious what everyone else has been doing in wow!

So...what have you been doing in wow?

I have noticed that my time has decreased dramatically (compared to years past) because of work (getting home late or needing to get to sleep earlier to get to work earlier), real life things like Thanksgiving and other life events, sickness. When you have coughing up a lung or 2 even wow is not something that can be tolerated at least by me :)

And, at least for me, other games. I have checkout Aion (which I have already cancelled my subscription), played new xbox games like call of duty modern warfare 2 ( very fun game! Im mohalen on there, send a group invite if you want to be a crappy shooter like me :)) and of course my favorites Madden and Civilization IV on the pc.

I have heard other people have grown tired of wow and quit or others that need to quit for personal life reasons. For the first reason, I understand but for me I take a break and have done so many times. This may not be for everyone but quitting cold turkey not sure if that is productive in my opinion.

So please let us know what else have you been doing as we prepare for patch 3.3 to ruin our Tuesday. I am glad that I do work during the day as I know I would go crazy if I was at home and trying to get in wow. Oh and yes I am one of those that cries over addons not working, but dont worry I dont cry too much.

Happy wowing.



  1. i actually have left wow (partially because of R.L., other part was due to burnout)

    as for gaming; ive been playing aion (probably the only reason ive stayed is because of my legion), dragon age, and a few xbox games.

  2. hey sorry to hear that,
    but I think everyone gets burned out.
    Let me know if you want to hook up on xbox, I do get on there for mw2, madden, and other games :)