Monday, December 14

Reflections of Patch 3.3

Patch 3.3

What an awesome patch! I will have to say I am still learning all the things that there is to be had about this wonderful new patch, but lets go go over what Ol' Xan has experienced since patch day.

Whining - there has been an awful lot of whining from those that I run in the same circles with. These folks complain that their addons aren't working correctly anymore, or the game has been made too easy. What, do you ask, is my reply? I say one thing: It is a game, if it is no longer fun for you then stop playing. I honestly believe the game gets better with every patch and expansion and I continually love to play it.

The new LFG option within the game - FABULOUS! My gaming experience to this point was solo adventuring because my hours were at odd times server time and sometimes I didn't have the time to wait around while someone in trade chat spammed "N1M (Healer/Tank/DPS) for ~Insert Instance Here~ then GTG" Now what do I get? I click a few key things in the LFG tab and 5 - 10 minutes I am running an instance! WOW! RIGHT ON BLIZZARD! Now if we can just make the window of opportunity from battlegroups to something like two or three battlegroups then we would REALLY be in business! I might finally be able to see the inside of NAXX or heaven forbid ULDUAR!

New badge system - OK, OK, OK... folks complain about how easy it is to get the great gear. No longer is it a JOB to get the items needed to be geared properly for those raids and such. To me I say, THANK YOU BLIZZARD! Again, my time being limited I find it more difficult to find the time to work at the virtual "job" that is WoW and my real life pulls me away from 'gear runs' or this, that and the other where I may not be able to get gear upgrades normally. "Random Heroic Instances" with the badge reward is AWESOME!

So Blizzard, from a player to the game designer... THANKS!

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  1. Two thumbs up. Nice read and I agree with you fully. The new LFG is awesome.