Friday, December 25

Nothing like a spell to protect the thief… (Original Fiction by Xan)

“STOP!” The shouted order came into the room like a roaring wind. The frightened guard that had retreated only minutes earlier now seemed to have an air of power about him. His pride outweighed his order as Zander continued towards the fireplace without hearing the order. Many more guards flooded into the room but they kept their swords sheathed. They looked to one another questioning their ability to bring the giant down without a combined use of force. They all let out a yell in unison and began to jump and grapple at the giant.

“Rats!” Zander belts out a curse as another guard grabs onto his leg. “I don’t see why you insist on grabbing onto me. You will only serve the purpose of scuffing this nice marble floor.” He takes another step, dragging two guards from his legs and one over his shoulders. Another guard swiftly latches onto one arm, and then another on his other arm.

“Come on!” Beasley yells from his hiding place.

“I am trying; this is among my heaviest load I have ever had to carry.” Zander’s brow furrows as yet another guard grabs him around the waist. “Six guards and two treasure chests, let’s see you carry such a burden!”

“Well met, friend. But why drag others behind me when I can escape without facing them.”

As yet another guard latches to the legs of the guard around Zander’s waist. “True, but you could never dream to carry away to hoard I carry on my shoulders.” He continues to take steps, each one slightly more labored than the last. The large mass of bodies makes its way finally to the fireplace. Zander drops the first chest to the ground and kicks it towards the opening. Beasley makes short work of pulling it into the tunnel.

Like a dog emerging from a pool of water, Zander shook and each guard in turn fell to the ground. “I have had enough of this foolishness.” Shaking the last guard off his shoulders, “By Othr’s protection your lives have been spared. Please take my advice and leave.” And with that, Zander drops to his knees and like amole pushing a rock in front of him he slinks into the tunnel with the chest in front of him. Disappearing into the ash waste tunnel, the guards are shocked by the power if the giant. They watch as his feet disappear into the blackness.

“FOLLOW HIM!” The guard from the first battle barked, still standing at the door. “He has our master’s effects. It will be all our heads if they escape.” With that threatening order, the guards in all their armor clattered into the hole after the thief and his packhorse.

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