Thursday, March 26

Bring a healer!

Well kids, thank you for coming back for another edition of "The Experienced Noob" on today's installment we are going to touch briefly on INSTANCES. An instance is basically a dungeon that singles out a group of players to complete a set group of bosses in a set environment. As a noob player your first instances will be Ragefire Chasm (RC) as a horde at level 13 - 16 or The Deadmines (VC - abbrev. given for final boss)as an alliance toon at level 15 - 20.

Before I go into depth on this subject, let me explain why I chose this topic to post...

80 Protection Pally
80 Beastmaster Hunter
77 Blood DK
77 Rogue

We decided to try it as a 4 man. BAD IDEA! Where is our healer? We decided to aim high and go into a Regular Halls of Lightning (HoL) run. Didn't make it past the third group of trash mobs before we all died.

"Let's try something lower." "Let's try Violet Hold!"

Got to first boss fight and paladin was the last one standing. Boss was down to 25% life and we wiped.

What did we learn? BRING A HEALER!

As a group of toons within that range you will have five players. In that group you should ALWAYS have a "tank" and a "healer." The other three can be "DPS" or "off-tanks" and "off-healers." Now what do these terms mean?

TANK = The guy that takes the hits best. This one would be a warrior or paladin in most instances to begin with, the heavy metal wearers... but as things go along in the game and you start building up your talents a druid makes a good tank as a bear or even a hunter with a tenacity pet can tank.

HEALER = This is the guy that sits back and avoids being hit and makes sure the tank can take the hits. The healer is essential in keeping the party alive and moving forward. If the tank or the healer dies, the party may be facing some serious pain or possible party wipe.

DPS = "Damage Per Second" - This is the person that hits the hardest and does the most damage. Hunters, fury warriors, spellcasters, etc. can all fulfill this role.

The idea is know your role and how it fits into the group dynamic. Take advice from other players with a grain of salt. If you don't think their way works, smile and thank them for their advice and move on. This is a game, play how you want to play.

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