Tuesday, March 24

Introducing my co-host "BELA!"

I am Bela, this nick came into being LOOOOONG before ‘Twilight’. (Go Jacob!)

My brother Xandarr likes to talk about the game and he figured what a better way to do it more, than to pull my sister into it kicking and screaming (uh...I mean to bring my sister into it despite her NOOBNESS…he he he) I guess that would make me the ‘co-host’ though that is certainly a daunting thought. Xandarr thinks we can do this and I have faith in him and his abilities, so off we go!

I have several characters on several severs, the main one being Beladelyn on Trollbane US. She is a Human Warlock. I also belong to the most AWESOME guild on the planet, that being Epic Dolls on Perenolde , where I am a Blood Elf DK and of course, her name is Beladelyn. These 2 characters are where I spend most of my time and energy, but I have been known to spread the love to other servers (shh, don’t tell anyone, I am not really committed to either Horde nor Alliance, I just like to play the game.)

I have been playing WoW for 3-4 yrs and have had my ups and downs with it. I was married to a man that liked to play the game for hours. As a result, he would duel box a lot, therefore, my characters on Trollbane got leveled without me really trying. This is where my ‘experienced noobness’ comes into play. I have a lot of high level characters but not a lot ‘endgame’ play. I’ve been to Kara (a lot) but never really finished with my guild and have just made my characters into what ‘fits’ me. At this point in time, I would have to say I’m enjoying the game because it’s all about me! I am leveling to 80(slowly) and have been discovering the Frozen Tundra and I'm looking forward to all the other areas.

We would love to hear from any of you on what you think would be good for us to talk about or do and hopefully you will keep reading or tuning in (as the case may be) and make this one of the regular blogs/podcasts from WoW you like to listen to.

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