Monday, March 30


Here is a chance for you... the reader... to get something special from US at The Experienced Noob!


What: We want you to share ideas as to what you would like us to comment on. Was there a time you were ridiculed for saying/doing something that no experienced 'leet player would do/say. Did you pull a "Leroy Jenkins" and wiped your party or raid? the more creative the better!

When: The contest will run for the month of April. Winners will be announced on May 8th by random drawing.

Where: Please "comment" to this post by clicking the link below with your your toon's name and server, then email us your story at theexperiencednoob at gmail dot com.

Why: Up for grabs I have three "Footsteps of Illidan" loot cards, one "Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuit" and one tabard of your choice from the six tabards off the Upper Deck TCG in-game rewards! (THIS WILL BE A TOTAL OF FIVE DIFFERENT WINNERS, Once you win, your name will nto be drawn again. But please enter as many different stories as you want.)

How: We will choose the winners and post them on the website. Please check back here for your name and we will email you for your code.



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  2. Hello to all the experienced noobs, and as the great Aprilian calls it, Noober moments, and we all have had it.

    Good luck to all and to Xan on your new blog/podcast

    Motauren/Balanzzar warrior/Uptown Tavern Guild

  3. I just heard your spot on ctrl alt wow. It sounds like you've got a great show planeed.

    Turbos / Drak'Tharon / Rogue / Knights of Good

  4. And hopefully you're show will be better than my comment was PLANNED.

  5. Hello Noobs,

    I thought I would stop by and shout.

    Inacan - Anub 'Arak - 80 Pally
    Ginsue - Anub 'Arak - 80 Rogue