Wednesday, March 25

Just starting WoW?

So you have decided to purchase WoW and now you are left with some really interesting questions before you even get past the intro screen. Let's look at what you will be facing as an official "NOOB!"

1- What type of server do you want to be on?

RP - Roleplaying servers can be really fun. If I had had a choice this would have been my choice as I love to be 'in charecter' with each of my toons. If you choose this server you will need to think about what kind of toon you want to have and their attitude towards those they come in contact with. (Another post to come)

PvE- Player vs Environment servers are what I am on mostly. This is a server where you will not be attacked by the other faction unless you 'flag' yourself as free game. This type of server is common by casual players who love to just do the content and not have to worry about higher level toons stabbing them in the back at every turn.

PvP- Player vs Player servers are what I like to call "HARDCORE" servers. These servers it is Horde against Alliance as well as your toon vs the world. So not only are you trying to complete quests you are trying your darndest not to get 'ganked' by another player 15 - 20 - 70 levels higher than you just being a jerk.

2- Do you have friends that play WoW?

If you have friends that play WoW, you might want to talk to them about what server they are on and more importantly how do they WoW? Their style of play may or may not fit your play style. Maybe they already have a level 80 and they spend most of their time raiding, if they cannot make a commitment to play alongside you then you may run into problems. or perhaps they are exactly what you are looking for and you two can adventure together... then make sure you take advantage of the recruit-a-friend option in WoW and level your toons quick and fast.

3- What Faction do you choose?

Blizzard says this best on their website:
Who are the Horde and Alliance?
The Horde and Alliance are the two sides battling for control of the world. In years past, they fought brutal wars against each other, but today, they have settled into a tenuous stalemate. Occasional skirmishes still erupt between the two sides, but open warfare is no longer raging across the continents. Still, the Horde and Alliance are hostile to each other, and members of one faction are never welcome in the cities of the other.
The ten races you can play are split equally between these two sides.

Alliance: Draenei, Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Gnomes
Horde: Blood Elves, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead

In my next installment we will go into further depth about your noobiness...
(More to Come...)

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