Friday, March 27

How can I get experience if no one will hire me?

OK, this one is for the more advanced noob. You have made it up to a high enough level where you can now do Heroic instances. (instances with a more difficult setting) You have played through all the regular content of have got to a stage in your gear where there are very few regular instances or world drops that will give you an upgrade in gear. You know that it is time for you now to start looking into heroics to get better gear. What do you do?

For instance, last night I logged in with Xan and within 5 minutes I get a whisper to go into Heroic Halls of Stone. Now I had never even been into this instance on regular mode but was willing to go because of the heroic drops for better gear. I explained to the recruiter that I had never been and I didn't know the strategy involved but I was willing to try it.

We pulled the group together and went in. We did very well and made it to Krystallus with no problem. We wiped once, then only after someone EXPLAINED the fight to me did I know my role. and the boss went down with only the rogue dying.

If you are a tank or a healer... KNOW YOUR ROLE. This is everything from positioning of the boss to knowing the boss' special attacks, etc. Try to study up a bit if you have time before an instance to know what to expect in general. But everyone has their own strategy and should take a moment to explain what they expect of everyone in the group.

After Krystallus we made our way to the second boss, Maiden of Grief. In this fight I reiterated that I had never been in the instance even on regular mode. The only advice I was given was "Stay out of the black circles." I did just that and we wiped... twice. Me and the healer stayed alive each time until everyone else had passed on.

So after the second time the DPS warrior asked the Tank what his defense was. I told him and then he said I was undergeared for heroics. HELLO! DIDN'T I SAY I HAD NEVER BEEN IN A HEROIC YET? I said I was going into heroics to get better gear and the DPS said that I needed better gear.

WHAT A PARADOX... You need to get better gear to go to heroics, but you can't go into a heroic without better gear. What the heck?


  1. Hey Xan,
    I am having similar issues with trying to start Naxx 10 runs. No-one will take me as I can't link them the acheivement to show I have completed it before. See my rant on the topic at

    Surely the game would be no fun if you play with experienced players all the time. I enjoy the learning process on new things.

    Noobs for the win.

  2. If you cloud, why don't you enter my contest?