Friday, September 11

The Bar Brawl... (Original Fiction by Xan)

Charging down the stairs, Solcloud jumps the last three steps. “Down with evil, justice must be carried out!” He crashes into two guards standing near the stairs. Sword in hand he swings wildly at the closest guard. Taking a mighty gash out of one of the shocked guards arm before he even had a chance to raise his sword.
Zander follows suit, with a mighty roar he lumbers down the stairway, wielding the hammer in his long arms he smashes into the second guard. The hammer connects directly on the unknown soldiers’ breastplate. The guard yelps in pain as he raises his sword, but quickly drops his sword when he felt his rib pierce his lungs and he gasped for air.

Beasley dives under the nearest table, slashing at the guards’ feet. Bringing the maimed guard fighting the paladin to his knees with a gash to the back of his leg, where his armor was thin.

Mayvn stood at the top of the staircase. Singing a mighty dirge, ushering the other fighters to greatness as he fires a shot from his crossbow at the third guard closing in on the group. The bolt strikes the guard in the arm, just as he approaches the fray.

The giant roars as his adversary falls to the ground, his armor crushed from the potent Hammer of Smiting. He lumbers towards the third guard. The man sees this giant approaching and turns to run away. Zander roars in hot pursuit.

The guard is gasping as he tries to fend off the paladin with his heavy sword and the halfling hiding in the shadows of the tables. Beasley is shocked at how fast the guards fall at the efficiency of these seemingly unskilled fighters that are his friends. Then the thought rushes to his head that they do not know what these guards were doing at the bar in the first place. “Leave one alive!” He shouts in the direction of the paladin and the cleric.

As the yelp of desperation leaves his lips, time seems to slow down as Solcloud’s sword cuts through the final guard facing him. Zander’s hammer drops the fleeing guard to his knees and Mayvn’s bolt leaves his crossbow soaring to finish off the same guard. Zander heard the call and tries to leap in front of the bolt to save the kneeling guard now going pale. Luckily, the bolt flies wide and misses its target. The guard rolls his eyes back into his head and he drops to the ground passed out. Zander breathes a deep breath and says a prayer to Othr and the guard slowly opens his eyes. The limbering giant grabs the guard by his armor and begins to drag him down the street back to the bar where the rest of the party waits. Kicking and screaming the guard yells for help, the bystanders on the street only watch the giant and the guard shuffle down the street and into the bar.

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