Wednesday, September 30

The great conundrum...

OK, Xan is in a bit of a pickle. There are a few things that have happened in ol' Xan's life that have made things a bit crazy and I would love to have YOUR help in getting those things in order.

First of all, in real life you all know about my son being born on August 8th. Late night feedings, diaper changes, etc. The life of a father, there really is nothing better. Anyway, in WoW I created a toon named after my son, Calib (Trollbane US) And I busily went on and Xan grabbed him the shoulders, chest and two swords for a rogue.

Next, some of you may have known that couple months before my little bundle of joy was delivered I lost my job. Being on unemployment is heartbreaking as a young father. Anyway I have been feverishly looking for a job and I have found on selling life & health insurance. Problem being before I can work for this great company I need to pass the state exam and get my license. I have to get a 70% and I have now taken it twice, costing me $88 I can't afford to spend. I will be taking it a third time on Friday to hopefully pass it. Money has become quite tight to say the least.

Lastly my guild is in desperate need of a good healer. I have only played a priest once before but I would like to do it again. Now my WoW time is 'nil right now because I am spending 99% of my free time studying to pass this state exam. But I have put a poll on the right hand side of the blog here to figure out which race of priest I should play.

So a couple of things I ask of my readers...

1 - What should I do with my rogue?
2 - Donate (at the bottom of website) if you care to help out an impoverished fellow gamer.
3 - Vote!

Once a race is decided it will then become time to think of a fun back story and relate her to my other toons somehow.

Thanks again!

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  1. Heya, Xan!

    This is Jen, also known as "Jenazpod". I voted in your poll at the corner of this page. :)

    I think you should hang on to your rogue for a little while, and make sure you are done with him before you delete him or something. I, for one, have a short little attention span, so I like to jump from one WoW toon to another.. to another.. to another. Maybe that's just me.

    I'd love to donate and help out a fellow impoverished WoW gamer, but, sadly, I cannot. I just lost my job on Friday (Sept 25), and am now among the unemployed as well.