Friday, September 25

The sun breaks the horizon… (Original Fiction by Xan)

The sweaty little urchin shuts the door in a huff; back to the door, sniffling and panting as though he has ran all night. As the door latch clanked shut, Mayvn jumped straight up in his bed. As though there was a spring in the bed, he jumped directly from the horizontal to the vertical without even moving to his knees. Silk bandana still tied around his eyes. “Who’s there?!?”

Solcloud, sitting next to the window was polishing his armor looked to the bony bard and could not help but shake his head. “Take off your little night blind and look for yourself. It’s our own little ‘fire.” Scorn seemed to drip with the statement, but it was still said with an air of tolerance. “Our little fire must have met with a bigger fire, yes?” He turned to the little man still gasping for breath at the door.

Peaking from under the blindfold, Mayvn blinks as the sunlight flashed into his sleep crusted eyes. “Oh, our little rogue has returned with news!”

Zander slowly rolls from his large bed and sits up, obvious to the group he stayed up late with the barmaid talking and cleaning up. “What did you discover, my diminutive humorous bandit?” He blinked as the sun flooded the room and reflected off Solcloud’s now brilliantly polished armor.

Wheezing, Beasley doubled over and coughed. After clearing his throat, he struggled to push the words out. “For being a threat to the town, this temple is not heavily guarded.”

Mayvn, pulling on one of his long boots and hopping to get it on, crashed to the floor. “Excellent,” he grunted from the floor. “Why don’t we knock on the front door?” The statement was saturated with sarcasm.

“Excellent!” The paladin straightens his breastplate, made his way towards the silky lump on the floor, and nudged him with his boot. “I am glad you are starting to feel a little more daring, peacock.”

Zander also starts to get dressed and splashes water on his face from the washbasin on the wardrobe. “I agree. No more time for questions, I believe it is time for action.” He turned and dried his hands on his robe as he smoothed his chain shirt and attached his hammer to his belt. “This day will not be silent, but rumble with Othr’s might.”

Now on his hands and knees Mayvn jeered, “Ah, someone is smitten by the classy lady in the tavern.”

Zander smiled at the bard, with a twinkle in his eye, he pushed Mayvn’s hand out from under him and he crashed to the floor again with a thud. “Othr smiles on those who recognize beauty and honor it.”

Making his way to his feet, nursing a bruised pride, Mayvn smiled. “That is true, my friend.” He picked up his beautiful lute and began to strum the strings as he slumped onto the bed to tune it. “But would this young lady prefer a sonnet, or perhaps a limerick?”

Zander dried his face on his robe but as he did so, he could not help but let out a thunderous roar of laughter. “You make me smile, little man!” Zander pulled out a large stein from his treasure chest. “You couldn’t drink a thimble of her special brew without falling to your knees in a drunken stupor. Imagine six of these full to the brim, burning their way down your throat! Now that is a man for Jenny.”

Zander flopped down on the bed next to Mayvn in a great thud, causing Mayvn to nearly shoot through the roof. Then Zander leaned in to whisper into Mayvn’s ear.

“I had ten before she told me I aught to stop. I felt a light burn in my nose, but a joy in my belly. Needless to say, I slept very well.” With a grin and a hearty slap on the shoulder, Zander stood up. “Now, what say you all? Shall we go bash some heretics?”

Beasley, now caught his breath, looked up to the towering giant standing over three times his own height. “Now wait a second! They are…” Beasley realized that nothing he could say could stop Zander from him ‘mission’ to avenge Jenny’s tavern being attacked. He hurried to catch up to his lumbering friend, the other two explorers followed down the hallway. As they made their way down the stairway, Jenny was already up and wiping the tavern tables down before the start of her business day. She looked up and gave Zander a waive and a wink, he returned her smile with a bashful look and continued out the door. The others, just waived and followed Zander with a doubled pace.

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