Wednesday, September 23

Momomomen t#14 - Quick long note on Aion

I know this blog has been pretty much all on wow but I am one that likes to explore as many things, including games, as I can.
In addition to wow I do play Wii games, Xbox, other pc games like Aion, the new mmo that came out from Ncsoft.

So far, well I am just getting to know the game, read up on it and figure out what class I will start leveling.
When I remember back to my first time playing wow, WOW! that is over 4 years ago!?!?! crazy! I went Horde right away because my friend that recommended wow was a Horde Orc Hunter and also I just like the look of the Horde Characters. Than when I was going through the different races and what classes they each had, I was drawn right to the Tauren and warrior!!! So from here it seems it was very easy (I don't think it was that easy and it did take me some time).
And of course naming your character, in wow that has always been a challenge (believe it or not even after you find out all of my character names :))
As I have said before, the naming is very important I think; it is part of your in the virtual world of warcraft!
To some it may not be that important but to me it was and is. So of course after many minutes of thinking I went with Motauren!
Yes I know very creative but well, I am Mo and he is a Tauren!

In Aion, so you are aware, there are 2 races: Elyos and Asmodians (I will not go into detail right now, you may check out to read up if you would like to) and you may look at Elyos as Alliance and Asmodians as Horde, but it is not that simple.

Than, oh before I go on, I do have to say that Aion at first look is very PRETTY! This is one reason many people will try it and this is one reason I am trying it, in addition to checking out another game that may get our gaming curiosity juices flowing. If you are a gamer (which I will talk about this on a different post coming up) I believe you will dive into different games and this does not mean I am quiting wow or a wow hater, NO WAY! Wow is #1 and will be for a long time.
Ok, so after you pick a race (of course after you pick a server of course) you will not be able to create any characters from the other race on that server. Yes same as wow where you could not make Horde on a server where you had made Alliance already.

The classes are: Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest
Warrior is very similar to Warriors in wow but one big difference in Aion is whatever class you are, everyone starts out the same, no specialization.
When you have gained enough experience (not sure how much or what level yet) you will be able to Ascend to one of 2 specializations for the class you are. I look at these like talent points (as I dont see there are talent points in Aion, not that I have found yet) Warrior can become Templar or Gladiator; Scouts: Assasins and Ranger; Mage: Sorcerer and Spiritmaster; Priest: Chanter and Cleric.
And with experience and leveling come flight; you get wings but just as many other topics I do not have all the details on that.

So with the actual hour or so of play time I have had with Aion, I have to say it is promising and the only issue is dividing time with wow and Aion and everything else.

I will do my best to report more on Aion and I hope other people can do that same.

Thank you very much,

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