Friday, September 4

The Room... (Original Fiction by Xan)

Inside the room, there are four beds. Amazingly equipped to handle three large men and a smaller bed that seems to have been brought in. The beds are nothing special, but seem to have clean sheets.

“That sweet angel,” Zander puts his hands on his hips. “That young child has provided us the best room in the house! She will be offered a mighty thanks and a blessing from Othr in the morning.”

“That girl sure had a sweet spot for you, my large companion.” Mayvn slaps the large cleric on the back. “My hat’s off to you my good man.”

“Take your hat off for anyone, peacock!” Solcloud scoffs at the play on words.

“That hat could provide cover for anyone hiding behind you, including Zander!”

“Just because you don’t have enough fashion sense to clothe yourself in the finer things.” Mayvn huffs. “Don’t take it out on me.”

“SHHHHHH!” Zander orders. “Something is the matter!

“I hear it too!” Solcloud draws his sword. “Let’s check it out.”

“Are you mad?” Beasley pipes up. “You couldn’t sneak up on an elephant stampede through an inn full of ale bottles! Zander and I will go.”

“Aye.” Zander winks at his small friend. “Don’t worry though, we will return before we have too much fun.” He draws his hammer and ushers the little man out the door. He turns to the other two and places a finger over his lips.

Down the hallway, Beasley sticks to the shadows. Quieter than a mouse he scurries down the hallway. The sounds of a commotion in the bar, tables being overturned, women screaming and men barking orders.

“Don’t let that one get away! Tie them up with the others!”

Beasley looks around the corner and down the stairway to see three men in full armor tying people together. He sees another man shout to the other three. “These will be perfect! They will all come to the tower!”

Beasley makes his way back down the dark hallway to meet Zander. “Let’s get the others. Jenny is in trouble.”

“What! No one hurts her!” Zander takes a step towards the stairway Beasley grabs his leg.

“NO! We need the others! Then we can come back and teach them all a lesson.” Beasley spoke sharply and quietly. “Now come on, let’s get the others.”
They rush quietly back down the hallway to the room where the others wait their return.

“The inn is under siege!” Beasley, panting, throws the door open. “We must help them!”

“Evil is at our doorstep and we wait like children from a monster under our beds!” Solcloud unsheathes his sword, raises it in the air. “Evil must perish!”
The Paladin runs out the door, followed by Zander as the march down the hallway.

The halfling pops his head in the room. “Well, you coming, Silky?”

“Wait for me!” Mayvn yells to the others as he grabs his lute and Betsy II as he runs down the hallway.

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