Tuesday, September 8

MoMoment #11 - Home Sweet Home

Hello all,

The last two weeks I had traveled back to Chicago where I grew up and I don't know about you, I enjoy going back to Chi-town.

I did not have that much time to visit all the places I like or people to visit but still very fun.

I was thinking, in WoW, have you ever returned home?

What does that mean?

Well I look at it this way, we all have at least one (to 10 mains if you are an alt-aholic) and many of us are partial to one server, one guild, you name it.
So if you did level or was on a server, in a guild for a long time and than transferred to another server/guild (no matter what the reason) did you ever go back (for a visit)?

For me, I was looking from the inside out. I started on the Balanzzar server horde side with my friend from Chicago and we made lots of friends and started a guild that grew to 300+! We were mainly the leveling guild for that server, and I am not kidding. We easily provided the raiding guilds on that server with at least 20-30 60s at the time. I still have over 10 characters on that server but the friends I had made are just down to a few. People either left for another guild (many did come back and left again), many transferred to another server because Balanzzar has always been a low pop server and ALWAYS hard to get good groups together let alone raids; some people even quit the game (again for many reasons).

It was nice to see some people come back and have fun with the guild and people they leveled up to 60 with back in the day.

I have heard on many podcasts how many people have leveled on one server, one guild from day one! I think that is so cool! Fantastic!! GREAT!!!!

Have you returned to your "birth place" = the first server/guild you leveled on?
I understand there are also many that are not that sentimental as I am but I don't think I am alone.

I do miss the first friends I made in wow and I do stay in contact with some of them, even daily with some. I have even had the chance to meet some as they were traveling or when I was.

I am curious what all of you have to say. Let us know if you are sentimental or think I am mental. Well don't tell me that I know that already.

Where is your home sweet home in wow?

Thank you

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