Wednesday, September 16

New Moon Theater Reservation PART 2


I am following up from the previous posting regarding anyone who would like to reserve tickets for 'New Moon'

I have been contacted by Larry Miller Group to see if we would again be interested in a ‘private’ showing of the next Twilight Saga movie. I thought I would put ‘feelers’ out to see who would want to go. I am sure that the tickets will have an extra built in to the price – the concession. Last time it was the price of a normal ticket plus $5 which was given to you as a gift card to use at the concessions.

There is a possibility that there might be a pre-screening the day before the national release date – and, I won’t know that for certain until I tie up a theater.

Please let me know your thoughts – I would need at least 300-325 tickets to be purchased. Just ask your friends/family/twilighters and see what kind of interest you get and then get back to me – then we will make the decision.

The movie comes out Friday, November 20th – less than 2 months away!

In addition I have been given the go ahead to offer Gift Certificates to 1% of those tickets sold. If we sell out a 300 seat theater that will be 3 Gift Certificates to J!NX.

The Experienced Noob is going to try to find other items to give away. Please let me know with a post here and an email to TheExperiencedNoob@Gmail.Com if you would like to come or if you would like to help with a give away.

Thanks to all!

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