Tuesday, September 29

Momoment # 15 - Moraider

Are you a raider?
I believe wow players are of all play types: raiders, altaholics, RP, PVPers, etc.

I think we know of all the hardcore raiders that have blogs and podcasts because there are few of them compared to the number of wow players there are (12 million plus) and many of them do have the larger voice in the wow community and there is nothing wrong with that of course.
I am, well I would call my play style casual-altaholic-wants to enjoy wow as I please. Yes that is how I would put it.
I like to see all I can see when I want to and can to see it. I do not like raiding and I like raiding. :)
Yes there are many things about raiding I have experienced that I truly hate and even thought about quiting wow but of course did not after further thought.

Since I have moved my priest Moheal to Feathermoon to join friends guild and play/instance/raid with them, I have really enjoyed all the placed in wow I have not been to.
Primarily as a healer and at times dps (when needed) we have been to all the Heroics, you know the daily grind to get stinkin badges; VOA, OS, even Ulduar! and finally I went to Naxx this past weekend. It is truly amazing the work wow has done and continues to do. I always say, they do make every penny we pay worth it, in my opinion.

I do have a point here some where...what I have noticed is as I have been used to playing with my new guildies and their play style and their good play, it has been very hard for me when I do join a pug. I really do not know how to explain it but with the guild I have cause very few wipes in my, well lets say lack of healing at times. I always we always can improve what ever we are working on, that goes for my healing. But I have been doing a good job while in guild runs.
Pugs, well...I don't think I have to say how bad pugs can get. And with all the different people in a bug in the simplest counters, I lose the group!!!
Why is that? Is it operator error on me for just not healing? (well perhaps at times but probably not)
Is it for a lack of dps? yes some people would say so but I would like to believe there are other factors.
Is it the different classes tanking (guildie is a Paladine and most pug tanks are DK's and warriors, some Druids) maybe, but also a good factor or should I say some times a bad factor.
Gear, some people just don't have a good gear and I have been there myself and not able to hold agro. This is a great reason too and a viable one. Just as when I was not geared I could not even heal Heroics let alone some of the tricky encounters.
Any input you have please let us know, let me know as I would like to understand and figure out if it is something I am not doing or if I can do anything different.

With the type of playing style I have, even with the minimal research I do and asking the community, I am not a spreadsheet person, meaning I do not make it a science as some people enjoy doing to wow.

Can you really get used to playing wow with the same people so much that when you play with different players (play styles) it is like your first time playing or entering the instance you are trying to complete?

Mo wants to know! So please provide your input.

Thank you

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