Monday, April 13

But I want to Raid?!?!

Alot of people want to see content that they haven't seen before even without the time commitment, that's part of the fun of WoW is to see the content.

I was asked to add my views of "noobishness" I have encountered. I have known Xandarr in World of Warcraft for going on about 3 years now, and I appreciate his perspective and insight, because no matter what we can all learn from others.

A few years ago I ran into a former guild member that was looking for a 'better guild,' because they felt out of place where they were, I advised that they could join the raiding guild I was in, but asked them to apply as SOCIAL, and not to expect to raid on raid nights. Somehow that didn't get communicated well.

So they applied in what looked to be a raiding position. Later I found out they didn't mean to join in the guild that way, but the application came through as such. The officers really didn't have a choice but to say no, and I had to agree with them.

When this player was applying to my guild we were starting Hyjal, the player's application didn't have a solid spec as a tank or a healer, mainly because they didn't know their class as well as they should and what needed to be improved.

One comment on their application was they needed to research, and was sent just to the link of with no links to anything specific. All I could think of was how daunting that could be.

While does have some of the best information about the game, sometimes it is not the easiest forum to read.

As a typical guy's response, the player gave up on the application into the guild I was in, and has responded lots of times with "Why should I have to use my WoW game time by researching how to play the game?"

Noone has to research how to play World of Warcraft, but it is expected to be done in the smaller raiding guilds. Not only research for the best dps, the best healing, the best tanking but research on the current raid content. Research doesn't have to take that long, but long enough for you to know some of the answers.

Usually there are posts on forums about how the guild is going to attempt a certain encounter, and depending on how serious your guild is, everyone is expected to read those posts, to be prepared for the encounter before you get to it.

This player did end up in a guild, of his own creation, still questing and adventuring at his own pace, and overall a better place for him, than being a "social" player in a small raiding guild.

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