Thursday, April 23

Gnomes with Pink Mohawks shout out to T.E.N.!

One more email and PIMP spot under our belt here at "The Experienced Noob." I had an email read by the gnomes at "Bind on Equip" this last Wednesday. You can review the show notes HERE under "Show Notes" Episode #22.

The email was about 23 minutes until the end, so 1 hour and 3 minutes through the podcast. The gnomes were gracious enough to pimp our guild as well as the blog. So check it out!

The podcast is already available on iTunes or you can listen to it directly from the Bind on Equip podcast site, and listen to Episode 22.

Or looking to join a new guild? Check out ours Devil's Dirty Work.

Al-BEAN-Oh! FTW!!!

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