Sunday, April 19

Going LIVE!

One more interview under my belt here at "The Experienced Noob." I had an interview with Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur at "Ctrl Alt WoW" this weekend. You can review the show notes HERE.

This was a real sacrifice for me considering they were recording at 5:00 AM Sunday morning. But good old Xan was up at 4:15 AM to get his laptop and Skype ready. I got everything rolling at about 4:30 AM and was waiting for Bela when BLAMMO! They were ready for me at 4:45 AM. Interview was over before 5:00 AM when Bela logged into Skype. (SORRY!) But she was a trooper for being ontime and everything anyway.

The podcast is already available on iTunes or you can listen to it directly from the Ctrl Alt WoW podbean podcast site Episode 111.

I will be speaking to Bela after my business trip to New Mexico as to when we will start recording our own podcast. So in the meantime... Check out our contest HERE. Still only TWO entries and so as it stands they have an ASSURED prize. Don't miss out on your opportunity for FAT LOOTZ!

Or looking to join a new guild? Check out ours Devil's Dirty Work.

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