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How much World of Warcraft is too much? Has some info about how you balance real life and WoW. Below you will find my take:

This is a touchy subject for a lot of WoW enthusiasts and a subject of hot debate amongst players and non-players. I have even found myself in this same debate on many occasions and it definitely is an uphill battle. But lets look at what the issues are and perhaps come to some clarity and guidance to those who may play too much or may be viewed as playing too much.

If you find yourself in this debate on more than one occasion it might be time to reevaluate your playtime and decide what is important to you and what others may see in you that you may not.

How much do you play?

Have you ever noticed the ‘hints’ located at the bottom of the loading screen in WoW? There is one that I find poignant and it says “Take everything in moderation, including World of Warcraft.” Do you play every day, do you play for more than a couple hours, do you find yourself getting locked in for longer than you intended? This may become an issue. Learn to try and limit your time in the game. If this is an issue you can always use the Parental Controls through Blizzard’s site ( in order to assist you in that.

How much do you talk about World of Warcraft?

Do you catch yourself talking about the game to a non-player? Do you find your comments falling upon deaf ears? If this is a problem, you may also be playing a little too much. In this case try to think before you speak upon the company you are in. I find myself editing myself in conversation because I talk about something that happened in game or something that was said by a friend of mine whom I know through the game. This can be an issue for non-players. Be careful and try to focus on the company you keep and common interests.

Do you do other things with your friends and family?

How often do you go to movies with your friends? Do you have family time, such as playing board games or other family activities? This is something to make sure that you are striving to keep in balance. World of Warcraft is just a game and even though you have friends in the game you have real life people whom you interact with daily that would like some “face time” with you as well. If you find that you are playing the game more and making more friends online than outside you may want to make an effort to do more things with your family and friends when you can.

In conclusion:

This is just a game. Make sure you are thinking of your other priorities. Think about what makes you – “you.” If someone from the outside looking in is telling you that you focus a little too much on “that game” it may be time to think of what you can do to show them that it is not that way. It may take a little more effort in planning other activities and “being there” when you are needed. Take time out for your real life and your real life family and friends. This is just a game. As it has been said by many friends of the game “RL > WoW”

This is a special shout out to my hunter mentor "Big Red Kitty" You will be missed.

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