Friday, April 24

Original Fiction by Xan... (Part 3) "The Search Continues…"

“Find him!” Ergun roared to his men. “You will suffer a worse fate than that prisoner if he is not found.” The guards looked up to their chief in confusion. “NOW!” Ergun roared to his men. The armored guards scurried away roaches carrying spears and swords. “He cannot have gone far. He hasn’t eaten for days.”

The giant wrung his hands together; small shards of ice twinkled and dissipated as they fell from his huge spiked gauntlets. He turned and began walking down the hallway nearly dragging his massive hands upon the ground. Guards stood at attention as he walked past them. He glared at them and almost growled, the look of a caged lion upon his face.

“My Lord!” A petrified voice could be heard coming around the corner.

“What!” Ergun’s temper flared.

“My lord,” The guard panting as he stopped running and faced Ergun. “We may have captured him.”

“WHERE!” Ergun was already pushing around the guard in the direction he came from.

“We cornered him at the gates of the dungeon, Sir.” The guard scurried behind his towering leader. “He reached the doors to the dungeon which were locked from the outside.” He chuckled. “The old man isn’t going anywhere.”

Ergun quickened his pace and disappeared around the corner as the guard tried to keep up with his hulking master.

Moments later a roar and clatter of armor hitting stone could be heard in the direction of the dungeon gates. The guard climbed up a slope of stairs and looked up just in time to see a fellow guardsman flying past him down the stairway.

“You fools!” Ergun roared again. “You let him escape!”

The guard made his way up the final couple stairs and saw several guards littering the floor. Their breastplates covered in ice and horribly dented. The guard could only watch in awe at the spectacle of his commanding officer killing his own men.
One lone guard remained alive but only just. His feet dangled several feet off the ground. Ergun had grabbed the poor man by his throat and lifted him off the ground. Ergun’s hands the size of pumpkins easily wrapped around the guards’ neck and shoulders. The dangling guard shivered as his skin slowly turned blue around his neck and frost collected on his breastplate.

“What…happened?” Ergun fought to remain calm. “Speak clearly boy or you will meet your friends on the other side.”

“S-S-Sir?” The guard fought to push the words from his blue lips. “I-I-I dunno what happened exactly. The old man held a candelabra in one hand and then just stepped through the doorway like it wasn’t there.”

“What!” Ergun growled.

“I-I-It was like he melted right through the bars.” The guards eyes began to glaze over as ice crept up his face. Snaps and pops could be heard echoing through the hallway. Ergun dropped the body and looked to the shocked guard who brought him the news of Philomar’s supposed capture.

“Find him, or you will be next.”

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