Thursday, April 9

"Devil’s Dirty Work" Now Recruiting!

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Yes, it is true… our guild is looking for new recruits. We are looking for “Experienced Noobs” that are at least to Outlands content. (level 55+) We are located on the Trollbane server Alliance side. We are a small but growing social guild with a focus on leveling and fun. If you would like to join us please apply! Our goals are simple: Striving for better gear of all guild-mates in moving to 10 & 25 man content.

Please reply to this post with your in-game name and level, Then send us an email at TheExperiencedNoob(at) with the guild questionairre, the officers will review your petition and will respond in an email to you.

The guild rules are as follows:

1. Be nice and have fun

2. No discussions or jokes about politics or religion in guild chat

3. Don't beg for money, items or run-throughs. Please try your best to get a group together within your own level if you need to do an instance.

4. The guild bank is open for everyone to view. Only higher ranked members can deposit and withdraw items. If you are of a lower rank but see something that you would like, send a tell or in-game mail to an Officer with your request.

5. Ranks are as follows from low to high: Prospect, Member, Soldier, & Warlord (Officers)

6. When it comes to instances, raids, and groups there are some strict policies that will be adhered to when running with other guild mates:

a. If the item is a DIRECT UPGRADE for you and can be equipped as soon as it is picked up, “roll need”

b. If an item comes up that IS NOT a DIRECT upgrade for you, “roll greed” unless the item is a BoP item and then you will “pass” the item until everyone else has had a chance to view the item

c. If the item is BoP and no one can use the item we will roll for vendor (sharding the item if there is an enchanter in the group)

d. “Ninja-ing" loot with other guild members or if you are reported for ninja-ing in a PUG to an officer it is grounds for immediate termination.

e. Listen to those who have been in the instance before or guild officers when running instances. Wait until the group is ready to continue before pulling mobs or the boss.

7. To prevent any possible issues, children are not allowed in the guild. What age qualifies as too young is up to the guild leader and the officers discretion.

8. Conduct yourself with respect while in WoW with the guild name floating above your head. No spamming, griefing, ganking or harassing other players. You are a representation of our guild on the server so act as such. Also, anyone who knowingly breaks the WoW terms of service is subject to being removed from the guild. Zero tolerance.



We look forward to having you in our guild and growing to bigger and better things!

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