Thursday, April 23

Why do you play WoW?

I have had a lot of people ask me why I play this game and I thought I would share my thoughts. (Random as they may be). I started out playing City of Heroes and thought that was a pretty cool game. I was a tank and was pretty good at it. (I had a tendency to run in places without really scoping it out first.) I would run in, pull all the aggro and then wait for the others to pick them off.

Then, my youngest son (as an incentive for him to keep playing football until the end of the season) said he wanted to have WoW. I thought to myself, OK this will be fun to check out and if it plays as well as CoH, great! Oh boy…I didn’t know I would be hooked from the minute I loaded it on my computer! As I watched the opening cinematics (which I have to say is ALWAYS what sells me on the game) I saw the dwarf with the bear and immediately I wanted to be a hunter (don’t be hatin’ /wink). And thus, Whisperlis was created.

The funny thing is, when I started I would look at everyone that had started playing before we did and see their gear and be so jealous. When a friend gave us 10 gold each it seemed like SO much money. And, the ultimate...starting to hear the Chuck Norris stuff in the barrens. (Oh to be new again) LOL.

Those were all the fun things that started my love affair with WoW. Now though, I play because Blizzard keeps adding new aspects to the game to keep it fresh. Granted, the physics engine is a little off, BUT! It isn’t off enough to keep me from playing.

So, I would like to hear from others…what keeps you playing WoW? What is it about this game that makes you pay your $14.99 a month?


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  1. I really liked this blog and it echoed many of my own sentiments.

    I therefore hate to be so petty and suggest a change of font colour. The green is just hard to see.