Thursday, April 16

The Experienced Noob is Going Global

I recently got a new gadget added to “The Experienced Noob” website and I believe it is a great tool known as This wonderful little gadget shows me how many people have visited the website as well as where they are from.

Santiago, Chile
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Athens, Greece
Dublin, Ireland


I want to thank all of those who have visited my website and encourage you to continue to visit the site. But most importantly please leave a comment or two. Even though I have the ability to track the traffic on my blog I don’t know who any of you are.

We have a contest going on right now for loot cards and redeemable codes and with only two entrants it makes it difficult to make it a contest and more like a give away. Please enter at the link I have provided.

Additionally there will be a contest where I give away a $25 gift card from
J! Bela and I already have our fat lootz from J!NX and we would like to spread the wealth. This contest will be held in the future so get in on the current contest as I will be rolling over all participants from the previous contest into the upcoming J!NX contest, don’t miss out!

Again, thanks for the page views and I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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