Monday, April 6

Respect In Game


R E S P E C T…find out what it means to me!

This is where Bela is going to get on her soapbox. (It helps me to get up here to see the crowds of people that are running to read this Blog…BTW, you all ROCK!)

I have played in some REALLY awesome guilds and I have played in some not so awesome guilds. The one thing that they had in common was the way they treated the people in the guild. Those that are great respect their people and those that aren’t treat them with little to no dignity.

One such ‘drama’ in my WoW history was being in what I thought was the best guild in the whole world (of warcraft) and finding out that the people behind the avatars were not so nice.

While my ex and I were married, we found a great group of people and they invited us to be in their guild and all was well. My ex was invited to be an officer because he really knew what he was doing.

Now, he and I used to play the game side by side and because he was an officer, they would use officer chat to talk with each other. One day, while we were in an instance, I noticed that the others were talking about someone who was doing the instance with us and these comments were NOT in any way shape or form nice. I have to admit I take criticism of any kind pretty hard and that’s what they were doing in Officer Chat, criticizing this player. My ex wasn’t saying anything to them about the other person, he just let them talk but I got offended and had to stop playing for the day. The next time we did an instance, the same thing happened and I told my ex that I couldn’t play with people that were doing this and so, I quit the guild. BOY OH BOY, did this EVER start a huge deal. They started to yell at my ex about me and to make a long story short he ended up quitting the guild also.

Subsequently, we found a guild that was our home up until he and I divorced. He has stayed with them, but I have moved on and have once again found what I think is a great guild on the Alliance side.

Anyway... (wow, I should have gone with the reader’s digest version /smile).

Part of respect, IMO, is not talking about people behind their backs. You should always respect the people you play with. If you have some advice to give them, do it in a way that will not alienate them. Some of you out there are AWESOME players and really know what you are doing…others of you, well you are just mean! Think about what you are going to say before you say it. Help where it is needed, but also realize that people have their own freedom of choice and may or may not take what you say into consideration. Afterall, there is always someone out there who is better than you and can tear you down too!



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